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(Request) TG event#1
This is for rpf515
I asked him what he wanted me to draw for him for being 1 of my first watchers and he said short haired boy to curly haired cute girl.
I am terrible at drawing from imagination and had so much trouble trying to figure out 'curly hair'
The texts read Lachlan. Repeating tics. Boom . Lewella. Yes there's a gap cause I felt like it and because I don't know how to draw 'great' or body proportions.
A looked to the end of the conveyer belt I was on to see mannequin masquerade in bright bold letters.
As I entered the Machine It spilt into 2 paths 1 for males the other for females it stopped at the cross road and I just hoped for it to take me down the male Path. 'Vvrrrr' I heard as the motor started up again and it switched to the dreaded female as it went down the path it scanned me then on the machine loud speaker it said proportions incorrect must fix as it brought down 2 curved metal plates and they pressed into my waist then kept my back straight and tried to press me into a short size. After wards a set of large needles came down to my face clearly labelled Botox there was 5 shots injected into my lips 3 into each cheek and some in other places then 4 even large needles came down to my body and split into sets of 2. 1 set just above my nipples and another set at the side of my butt the Cleary the machine said "begin procedure" and pushed the set above my nipples into my nipples and started pumping something good for in each as this process began my 'boobs went from nothing to. A to C to DD and then quickly to H and so began the same process with my ass becoming a giant bubble butt just below the size of the 2 mounds on my chest. "Anomalies detected" the machine said as it brought down some sort of metal chastity belt and vacuum and began to squishy my privates as I suffered immense pain but then it stopped and I felt this sucking sensation down there as 'it' was push inwards to become a flat area and the machine began to shave me, then i felt a slight prick in my head dont know what it was and brang out some kind of plastic coat and sprayed me with it full body and applied make up to my face.
"Mannequin ready for dress up"
The machine started
I tried to protest but my lips were too full of Botox to protest. In my failure I looked around to see a full body mirror above me displaying a beautiful girl with a perfect hourglass figure ,complexion as pale as white and no hair at all,' oh wait that's me' I thought..
then the machine went forward until it halted and undid the shackles. 'finally a chance to escape' i try to stand up but found myself unable to. then i hear this 'voice' it tells me to stand up, and so i do, then i hear some more instructions and find myself dressed in what i assume are the latest fashions are. and walking out a secret door to a mannequin stand in the shop and find myself stand on my toes to sit down on them and ram them up my bubbly butt. it feels ... nice
The TG factory (part 2)
Sorry for this being late I went camping wrote it then but couldn't post it
Anyway the 4 options are long revealing dress and 4inch high heels, short sexy dress and 8 inch high heels, butt shorts crop top and boots or pink micro bikini with g-string and no shoes.
There is also the hair option which you must put with your choices the hair options are platinum blonde, brunette, red head or black hair (I will chose if it's long or not) but their are your options please vote in the comment section enjoy!.

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It was New Year's Eve and I walked into this new girly clothes store it was huge I had to follow her.
"Come and Luke speed up" my girlfriend called. " I'm coming Clair" I called out as I sped up towards her to turn the wrong corner and slip into a women's changing room which just so happens to lock it self  as I feel in a hit my head to hears as the last thing "come on Luke" as I blacked out.
I woke up to darkness I then walked out and found the exits locked and looked for somewhere to stay till staff come. Looking around I only found a locked staff room and an open door to of which I was cautious of walking through as it was in total darkness I started to wonder where the doll section was as I passed through the door knowing my girlfriend had bought a life sized doll from here once. As I passed through the door I heard the sound of a conveyer belt nearby and the clang of gears, slowly pacing further into to the room only to ounce again slip onto the conveyer belt and be blinded as all the lights in the room turned on at ounce. I tried to stand up but fell off the conveyer belt onto another where my wrist and ankles got locked into clamps, which kept me trapped as I started to look around to see other conveyer belts leading to gateways with writing above them. I saw one labeled baby bitch another label bimbo bitch, mannequin masquerade and deluxe dolly

This is a story where you the readers pick what happens next
Factory tg
Please write in the comments what you want to happen next I will start to tally votes once the first vote goes up and it will only stay in the voting period until 10 days after the first vote
But if there is enough demand for another story path I will write it as well if another one has already been selected
Hope you's enjoy ;)
And I'm getting an ominous feels about buying my hacking and battery related arguments  like something bad is coming


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hi im a bit derp but who cares i like drawing and so on i play alot of games


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